As a clinician and a retired Palliative Medicine Consultant, Dr Julian Abel, a founder of CCUK understands the challenge and privilege of providing care to people with serious illnesses, people who are dying and their families and care givers.

It is his belief that there will never be enough resources to provide care to everyone who needs it if we continue to rely on a medical or service orientated model. The power of compassion found in naturally occurring communities, neighbours, friends and colleagues is the only answer to truly ensure support is universally available.

We recognise the contribution, hard work and dedication of everyone working in health and care services. We also know how stretched those services are and appreciate the difficulties of not always being able to provide the sort of care that you’d hoped to be able to offer.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, social worker, healthcare assistant, care assistant, pharmacist, occupational therapist, psychologist – your work involves supporting people at the toughest times of their lives. A public health approach to palliative and end of life care, a compassionate community and a compassionate city are solutions that can address some of the challenges you face.

We can support you in a variety of ways, via education, training, coaching and networking opportunities. There are thousands of people and places who are now involved in Compassionate Communities in the UK and around the world. By connecting people together we hope to support you as you start to explore how public health palliative care can help you and more importantly the communities you serve. To find out more, have a look at the menus above or get in touch!