Specialist Registrar Training in Public Health Palliative Care

Specialist Registrar training – public health palliative care is now part of specialist training for all palliative care consultants. For current courses click here or contact us on info@compassionate-communitiesuk.co.uk for further information or future dates.

Whilst the idea of providing a truly population based approach to palliative and end of life care is attractive, knowing how to do this is another matter. The publication of the Oxford Textbook of Public Health Palliative Care in April 2022 provides a thorough background to the need, basic concepts and theory, practice methods, population based approaches, research evidence and education and training. It is incredibly helpful to see the full picture of what public health palliative care means. However, working your way through a textbook and putting that into practice is not so easy. In order to cover the basics, and to meet the need of the Specialist Registrar training in palliative care in the UK, Compassionate Communities UK has designed a course to help bring the subject to life. This course will be helpful to specialists in training and multidisciplinary team members alike.

The course covers the following areas.

1. Developing a theoretical basis of the history and practice of public health palliative care

2. Applying the principles of public health palliative care in clinical practice

3. Understanding the context of death, dying, loss and care giving as a social experience which has medical aspects 

4. Understanding that death, dying, loss and care giving has positive outcomes in addition to sadness and loss. 

5. Understanding that a population based approach gives a different perspective to service provision, particularly where access to services is unequal. 

6. Being able to plan services which provide equity of access.