How we can help

Compassionate Communities can work with you in a variety of ways.


We run a range of education and training opportunities from webinars to programmes and accredited education.  Most of our courses are booked via Eventbrite linked via our website, although we are developing our digital learning management system. 

We publish a prospectus annually which can be found here

We can create bespoke programmes for particular organisations and places, or if you have any ideas for some training you’d appreciate from us then please get in touch

Members of CCUK get 20% off the majority of our training courses.

The Compassionate City Charter

The Compassionate City Charter is an international standard, endorsed by the United Nations to support the adoption and growth of a public health approach to palliative and end of life care.

We work with places of all shapes and sizes to provide education, consultancy, coaching and advise as they work towards these standards.  One of the co-founders of our charity, Professor Allan Kellehear is the author of the Compassionate City Charter and we are the only body in the UK that can provide accreditation against the standards. 

The standards themselves are not prescriptive and one of the first things a place does together is consider how the standards relate to ‘their place’ and coproduce a localised charter that keeps the ethos and advantages of the original.

To find out more about the charter please click the links below:-

The Compassionate City Charter

Foundation Training

Accredited Places

Our Events

We run a variety of events in addition to our education programme.  These are also advertised on our website either using Eventbrite or Tickettailor.  The key event currently is our 2024 Conference, find out more here


The Compassionate Community Team can provide consultancy at a variety of levels including City, NHS Placed Based Partnerships, Integrated Care System, county, organisation and community. Each project is created specifically to meet the aspirations of the organisations and communities we work with and therefore it is a bespoke service.

Consultancy and support might include bespoke education, interim support contract, coaching or a range of other ways we can help you on your journey.

Compassionate Workplaces / Organisations

Organisations are places where people spend a lot of their time.  They are places of natural communities of support, where people become colleagues and friends.  Organisations are also placed within communities, close to where people live, socialise and experience all the ups and downs of life. We support workplaces and organisations to develop their compassionate strategy for their internal audience as well as their place within the external audience, i.e. the local community. One of the principles of a Compassionate Community is inclusivity and therefore this approach also considers an organisation’s approach to equity, diversity and inclusion.

We do this in a variety of ways including training, coaching, consultancy and our Award Programme which includes a baseline assessment and the co-production of a strategy. We support you on reviewing and developing policies and approaches that are right for your business. We can work with any sized organisation!  To find out more click here