Who are we?

We believe the healing powers of compassion and community can transform how we experience life and death

We all need support through the most challenging of life’s experiences

Only 5% of time spent living with a serious illness, dying and grieving is spent with healthcare professionals. We focus on the 95% of the time that we spend with our neighbours, colleagues, family and friends. We also support health and care professionals to recognise and embrace the power of community, transforming how care is given during these challenging times in people’s lives.

Our values


We believe in and strive for equity for all. We celebrate the strengths diversity contributes to society and are committed to anti-discriminatory actions and practice


We believe in the natural compassion which exists in all of us and focus on that in our work to support compassion based communities to flourish and connect with others


We are energised by stories of compassion. We want to mobilise that energy to create a social movement that de-medicalises health and death for the benefit of society.


We focus on connecting people to share, learn, inspire and transform together. We offer support, examples and evidence, however we can only achieve change together


To transform life and death through the healing powers of compassion and community

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